Be sure to check and participate in the pre-sale requirements below.

  • If you would like to participate in the pre-sale, please make sure to proceed to "Personal Ethereum Wallet"
  • If you do not have a personal wallet, please use "myetherwallet" or "meta mask" to participate.
  • You can not participate using an exchange wallet. Responsibility for the loss of Ethereum remitted from the exchange wallet is the responsibility of the participant.
  • Once all the assigned quantities are exhausted, you can not proceed further.
  • After the sale, you will proceed with a KYC, and will be automatically refunded if there is a risk of money laundering or a country you can not participate in.


Please check before joining us.

 You can not participate in TOMBOLA if you are an United State of America citizen, citizen or resident, and you are an autonomous territories. In addition, in which activities related to ICO and operations with crypto-currencies are prohibited or require special authorizations.

 You will join ICO and obtain TBL token to ensure that you do not violate the law. In addition, You will confirm that all disputes and issues arising out of such matters belong to the participant.


The first Cryptocurrency Lottery and Gambling platform based on EOS. Fair and fun, but no gas spending. Tombola will be the standard of the world Game and Lottery platform
To take part in our token sale, all you need is an Ether wallet compatible with ERC20 tokens. Please do not send Ether directly from exchange wallet addresses.
Tombola does not have a separate registration function. Without registration, we can count ethereum with this sent address. this being so you don't need to worry about rewards such as bonus payments because we can collect all the invest information you are involved with us.
You’ll be able to receive and store your TBL tokens in any Ethereum wallet supporting ERC20 tokens. You cannot store the tokens on any exchange-based wallet (e.g., Binance). The following are popular wallets available.

Yes, we have contacts in various exchanges. We expect to be listed in late September to early October 2018, and will regularly communicate this informaion our official media.
If you cannot see your TBL tokens in your wallet, please add a custom token to your wallet, using the following parameters:

Token Contract Address : 0x54257fcaaa8e50ae9a47bf3afe054756fb1230f6
Token Symbol : TBL
Decimals : 18

Press Save
We are currently developing several games. The following games will be developed.

  • Original Dice
  • Tomchinko
  • Tombola Social Graph

Token Price

1ETH = 10,000TBL

ICO proceed information is shown below.
See the WhitePaper for more information.

ICO Period

Step Date
Private 2018.07.01 ~ 2018.08.31
Pre Sale 2018.07.01 ~ 2018.07.31
Main Sale 2018.08.01 ~ 2018.08.31

Bonus Table

Volume Pre Sale Main Sale
<3 ETH 15% 8%
3 ETH< 15% 10%
5 ETH<
18% 13%
10 ETH<
20% 15%
20 ETH<
22% 17%
30 ETH<
25% 20%
50 ETH<
30% 20%
Sales Quantity
100M 150M

If you are a buyer with a value of 50ETH more,
please email with your intention and including the purchase amount.